viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Attachment mechanism

This is the prototype that shows the system to attach the attachments to structures like poles.

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009


Here I have attached the photos in order according with the text introduced in the application form, (in the area where shoud be the upload of the picks),

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Context report (brief summary)

The context report as a theoretic piece of work where it is possible to clarify concepts through its research, analysis and debate pushed my understanding of concepts like PLAY, CRISIS and their possible ways of interrelation. I divided this body of work in several chapters which I am going to briefly summarize here.

Transferring the properties of the playful: but it is possible to transfer some characteristics of an object or situation that is accepted as playful in some culture or social commuity to an object or situation that is not. There is a challenge for the innovative thinking alongside the design processes and techniques to completely transform structures, systems and actions from its mere functionalism to its interactive stimulation of our capacity to play.

Playful intrinsic meaning of the object:
This characteristic makes the object or action recognizable for a culture that shares the standards that the object is communicating, it is not the same perception of the playful for the point of view of the oriental culture than for the occidental, although there are some common characteristics innate in the human nature and as a consequence of the globalization in terms of comsumption habits and marketing strategies. A toy a puppet or a swing are objects that are globally accepted as playful today throughout the different cultures.

Some the possible characteristics of the playful

Playful materials:

Things that are conventionally stablished as playful are made with a vast range of materials, like wood, plastics, synthetic and organic fibers and metals, but the characteristics of these materials change from objects that are not traditionaly catalogued as playful and the ones that are, for example the special features like bouncing, elasticity and spin.

Reflexion about the term playful

Why play or playful? And what is playful?: I have to find a reason, probably because is one of the most innate and innocent faculties in the human being.
It is not just about playful things, that is why those that are catalogued as objects that embody the characteristics of play, there are objects, substances and materials that normally we don’t identify as playful but potentially they are.
Things can become playful if they are used in a specific context and performing something specific.
Water is not a playful element itself, it can be used for different things, to drink, to get a shower, to clean our clothes, but if we design a thematic park were water is the main element we are creating an environment were the water is the main character and people is interacting with it, water has become playful. Same when it is used to fill balloons and start water war in summer.
I have seen some other examples when water become playful as for example the waves in the sea to do surf, or the fountain in Russell Square that interact with the people that approach to it.
A cube is not a playful object, it is basically a shape that can be used for different matters, for a box, for a house, etc…. but if I give him internal mechanism and movement it turns to an object which with I can interact, and therefore it becomes a playful object.
Same happens with other objects as for example a rope, it has several uses as we know it can kill, but if I hang it from the ceiling I can use it to climb through or as a liana to swing.
It can be playful just the use of the color.